2016 Sea Side Reception at The Dunes Breaks All-time Record; Funds Distributed to Programs throughout The Groden Network

The 2016 Sea Side Reception at The Dunes, held on June 21 at The Dunes Club in Narragansett, now holds the record as the most successful gala in our forty year history! The Reception was co-chaired by Mrs. Mary Cooney and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cooney, Jr.

As a result of the funds raised by those who attended the event or who made monetary donations, as well as donated auction items, we’re now in the process of distributing grants to programs throughout THE GRODEN NETWORK. Here are some initial projects where the Sea Side funds are being put to good use for the benefit of our clients.

The Cove Center’s Ceramic Program: $10,000
The Cove Ceramic Program has been revitalized! The goal of the program is to provide enjoyment to our clients as they become involved in the creative process, as well as help them make a connection between their creations and work opportunities. The Program is run by Anna Thompson who, in addition to her artistic ability, has developed a wonderful rapport with the Cove clients! Said Anna “We plan to create a line of ceramics that can be sold, such as trivets and soap dishes, in a variety of textures and glazes.”

Funds have been used to purchase the clay, molds, and other materials needed, as well as the electrical costs associated with getting the kiln up and running. The kiln has been repaired and set up at Lorimer Studios, one of our employment partners. David Ellison, founder of Lorimer, and his team create handmade furniture. David has agreed to advise us regarding the creation of items to coordinate with his designs, as well as display them in his studio.

The Network’s Special Olympics Program: $3,000
These funds will be used to purchase uniforms for our athletes, as well as other items needed at the Special Olympics Games to keep our clients engaged between sessions. Our full team of athletes will participate in the Northern Area Games being held at Bryant University on May 6. Selected team members will also participate in the Summer Games being held at the University of Rhode Island on June 2.

Said Head Coach Crissy Muralles, “With love and support, all things are possible! Go Team! Thank you!”

We’ll keep you updated with more information, as well as pictures of the team with their new uniforms, through posts to our web site blog and social media platforms.

The Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Program for Groden North & South Schools: $8,830
This grant will be used to purchase software for the generation of computerized IEPs for all the students attending Groden North and South. The resulting IEPs will be developed efficiently and professionally by our staff. We will receive a Special Education IEP Case Management Module, professional installation and set-up of the module for management implementation, and remote, full-day training for the staffs at both schools.

Additional grants will be announced in February. Look for these announcements in future publications and on our web site blog. On behalf of all of our clients, we send our heartfelt thanks to those of you who contributed to the Sea Side Reception at The Dunes!

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