2020 Annual Appeal: A Year of Challenges, A Year of Triumphs

Spirit Week
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"Our family, including our autistic son, have been witness to their efforts for over 35 years. Today, more than ever, the Groden Network needs your support.  I cordially ask you to please consider giving what you can to the Annual Fund so Groden can continue to provide quality support to our clients, who face these daunting challenges every day.  As a parent and with sincere appreciation, I thank you." - RJ Wood

The global pandemic has changed the way we all live our lives, and that is especially true of the developmentally challenged individuals we serve. During the past 9 months we have innovated, providing the highest quality support; thanks to technology we have adopted for distance learning, telemedicine and virtual meetings. However, PPE and other related costs of the pandemic has  impacted our ability to use funds for programming that benefits the growth of our clients

Our mission has always been to provide a safe space for our clients to succeed and thrive.  While the challenges of Covid have led to many innovations and successes, we still have great needs:

  • Continuation of our Social Skills Classes, Day Programs and Residential Programs
  • Advancing technology to assist with vital programming
  • Maintaining high standards of sanitation and purchasing PPE to keep our clients and staff safe

This year our fundraising gap is large, particularly due to the cancelation of our biennial Sea Side Reception this past June.

More than ever, your support is crucial in our efforts to continue the essential services we have always provided for our clients.

"My son is a student at the Groden School in Providence. They have made the utmost difference in his quality of life and ours.  We are forever grateful!" - Catherine Starr

Even though our daughter can't communicate her feelings well, she never hesitates to get on the bus. So, not only is Carina benefiting from the one-on-one, practical approach she gets at Groden, but she actually WANTS to be there. That says a lot. - D. Piedade

Devoted, friendly, patient, funny, creative,steadfast,hardworking, kind. Just a few of the words that describe Paine Road and Halcyon staff.

What great activities they provide at Paine Road.....wonderful home cooking, excellent cleaning, fabulous holiday decorating, movie nights, baking activities, a vegetable garden that is the envy of North Attleboro, music and dancing, arts and crafts just to name a few!

Even in these very challenging times, Halcyon Day and Residential not only meet the new challenges but maintain a warm, purposeful, calm and joyful environment.

The staff has seen Amy through some very difficult times. They have been wonderful through all of it, and I am thankful for them every day.

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