The Halcyon Center

The Halcyon Center has been serving adults 22 and older since 1983. We serve those with autism spectrum disorder or other related intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Our Mission is to provide individualized services to adults with autism, developmental disabilities, and those dually diagnosed (both cognitive and mental health disorder) that help them reach their greatest level of independence, productivity and integration into the community.

The Halcyon Center strives to provide services within a caring, supportive and clinically sound environment that allows for the greatest growth, individual dignity, development of self-control, and realization of their personal potential.

Through self-control training and skills acquisition, each person develops confidence in their ability to accomplish personal goals, develops meaningful relationships in their community and learns to weather even the most difficult of times. Applied Behavior Analysis is the emphasis of our clinical supports. This includes the use of relaxation, imagery and communication training to promote self-management.

We Focus On:

Independence: Independence requires an individual to have the greatest amount of self-control possible exercised over one's own behavior and environment. This is fostered through the systematic introduction of dignified and respectful choice opportunities for the individuals served; helping the person to learn the value of utilizing communication and self-sufficiency skills to access a wide array of opportunities for community integration, employment, self-expression, and self-management.

Productivity: We teach and reinforce meaningful work and self-management skills, and provide opportunities to exercise these skills in both the home and community.

Integration: Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts - The Halcyon Center encourages and assists individuals to utilize their resources, participate in activities and establish and maintain relationships with others in their community.

Person Centeredness: Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts recognizes that the individual is at the center of the services provided. All service delivery is underpinned by the values of respect for the person, the individual’s right to self-determination and understanding. This results in a culture of empowerment that fosters growth and independence.

We serve those with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Behavioral Disorders
Impaired Communication
Learning Disabilities
Dual Diagnosis (both cognitive and mental health disorders

Our Services

The Halcyon provides Day habilitation and community-based day/vocational supports including recreational opportunities, competitive employment, paid-work sponsored, and volunteer opportunities. We offer 24-hour residential supports including residences that are staffed by trained professionals who provide in-home supports.

Woodland Kingfisher - Halcyon senegalensis in front of a white background.

The Halcyon

The Halcyon is a legendary bird most often represented by the kingfisher, a fearless diving bird that had a calming effect on the turbulent seas. We use the kingfisher as a reminder of its commitment to providing a peaceful learning environment for the individuals we serve.

Halcyon is licensed in Massachusetts as Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts