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Why Foster Care?

Written by Leah Hazelwood, a PFLA foster mom It all started when I decided I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I had many friends who had become foster parents and my initial thought was, “Do I have what it takes to do this?” What if their needs are too significant?… Continue Reading

Sonia’s Story

My son has been attending The Groden Center since the age of 3 and now he is 15. Through these past 12 years there have been ups and downs and the staff at The Groden Center have always been there to celebrate the ups and to help and support us with the downs. At any… Continue Reading

Dear Groden Family

Dear Groden Family,  You may have heard about our current negotiations with SEIU local #1199. We are looking forward to returning to the bargaining table alongside a Federal Mediator next Thursday, 8/2. Ultimately we are working towards a positive, financially viable resolution.  In advance we want you to know the following:  There are currently 60… Continue Reading

The Joys Of Being A Special Needs Foster Parent

Written by Maura Penza, current foster parent through The Groden Center’s treatment foster care program. When I was asked to write this, I was unsure what I was going to write.  How could I inspire people to want to provide foster care when most people’s comments have been, “I don’t know how you do it,… Continue Reading

2018 Groden Graduation Pictures

On Thursday, June 7th, The Groden Network held its annual graduation ceremony at Groden South in Coventry, RI. This year 8 determined young people graduated. We wish them all a lifetime of happiness and growth! Here are some pictures of this wonderful ceremony and celebration! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Continue Reading

Special Visitor Dr. Margaret Bauman Speaks at Groden Center Staff Meeting

The Groden Center is committed to staying abreast of the latest in ASD research and developments. On Thursday, May 23, Dr. Margaret Bauman, an internationally-know pediatric neurologist from the Integrated Center for Child Development in Boston, spoke at a Groden Center staff meeting.  Her presentation was fascinating!   Dr. Bauman spoke about our limited knowledge of what… Continue Reading

2017 Annual Appeal

Our 2017 Annual Appeal is underway!  If you haven’t already received one of our mailings, you will shortly, so be on the look out.  This is your opportunity to support the children, teens and adults who are clients of The Groden Network.  Donations may be made to a particular program, in honor or memory of… Continue Reading

Introducing Edge and End

Introducing Edge & End, a new Lorimer Studios collaboration for unique American craft—created with character and purpose Edge & End makes extraordinary American craft.  The company creates objects for the home—for people who want to feel more at home in an impersonal and uncertain world. All of their items are proudly made in America. A home… Continue Reading

The Groden Network’s 2017 Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday, June 8th, The Groden Network held its annual graduation ceremony at Groden South in Coventry, RI. Nine students graduated this year. The ceremony was attended by many parents and friends of the clients and their families, as well as Groden Network staff. Here are some pictures of this wonderful ceremony and celebration! ”… Continue Reading