Cove Artist Collective



The mission of our Collective is to offer our artists, who have autism and other developmental disabilities, employment opportunities.  Members of the Collective, who have no formal art training, create affordable, unique ceramics that can be used in the home.   Based on the different skill sets of our artists, we roll out the clay slabs, press in texture, cut out shapes, fire, glaze and re-fire our work. Because no one artist has made any one, entire piece, we’re able to share the successes and our proceeds with all The Collective members.  Our ceramics are food safe, but should not be used in microwave ovens.

Suggested Donation

Small Dish  – $5.00

Plates – $15.00

Small Bowl – $25.00

Large Bowl – $35.00

Pieces can be replicated for individual orders. Due to the challenges experienced by our artists and some natural variation in the process of creating ceramics, there may be some variation in products.