Day Habilitation Program


To increase an individual’s ability to exercise control over his/her personal environment, increase choice-making with dignity and respect, and support individual acheivement by assisting members to utilize their personal resources for learning, leisure and relationships with others through the provision of individual habilitative assessment and skills training.


The objectives of the Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts Day Habilitation Program is to provide structured behavioral and habilitative treatment services that are built on the core of:

(a) a set of caring, supportive, safe, clinically sound environments that support individual dignity, promote life skills & growth and maximize independence;

(b) a rich, personalized daily schedule of skills development activities;

(c) Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts’s signature clinical & behavioral programs that emphasize a member’s self-management and maximize his/her adaptive functioning. These include the teaching and use of the relaxation response and picture rehearsal strategies to maximize self-control, and programs to increase communication and social skills.

Range of Services

Day Habilitation members receive therapy services through an Inter-Disciplinary team (IDT) comprised of the following disciplines: Psychology; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; and Speech and Language. The Day Habilitation member and his/her personal network of supports; along with the IDT, meet to develop specific measurable treatment goals to address their habilitative, medical, social, occupational and psychological needs.

Program Offerings

The Day Habilitation program teaches and measures skill acquisition in the areas of: sensorimotor development, self-help development, communication skills, social skills, behavior development, independent living skills and affective development per the individual member’s day habilitation service plan.