Day Programs

The Cove Center’s day service program responds to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities (including autism and other behavioral and emotional disabilities) by providing individualized programs that focus on supporting the development of continuing education, job skills, related social behaviors, communication, adaptive living skills and leisure. Through our work, with the individual, the family and the community, we are able to assist adults with developmental disabilities to become productive and responsible members of their communities and to effectively manage the challenges of daily living.

Range of Services

In the Cove Center’s day program, coordinators collaborate with an interdisciplinary team that includes a clinical psychologist, nurses, and vocational specialists to develop and implement the consumer’s general service plans. Services provided in these programs represent a comprehensive array of goals across critical life skills.

Program Offerings

Our program offerings are designed to provide quality, individualized services, through the use of best practices, to help our clients reach their greatest level of independence, productivity, empowerment and community access.

  • Download (PDF) a list of our Continuing Education Programs.
  • Download (PDF) a list of our Social Skills & Communication Programs.
  • Learn more about the Groden Network’s Relaxation & Imagery Procedures

Skills Training – Vocational

  • In-House Recycling – Provides experience in bottle, can and paper collection and recycling throughout the Cove Center building and in Administrative offices. This has also included the disassembly of old computers and recycling of parts.


  • Cafeteria Services – “The Ladle” serves as a training site for food industry work as well as skill building in the areas of nutrition, food shopping, recipes and cooking.
  • Meals on Wheels – Provides an opportunity to serve those in need a hot meal through various Senior Centers.

Recreation & Leisure

  • The Considine Theater – Home movie theater setting to watch movies
  • Leisure Activities – Bowling; ping-pong; board games
  • Fitness Groups – Maintaining cardio fitness through the use of: exercise bikes, treadmills and aerobics mats

The Arts!

  • Arts & Crafts Class – An opportunity to express yourself through painting, coloring, creating holiday décor, making pins and buttons.
  • Drama Therapy – Increasing social interactions and interpersonal skills through theater, games and movement.
  • Music Group – Come by and sing, dance and experiment with an instrument or two!

Special Olympics

Our athletes are preparing for their participation in the Regional Games held at Bryant University next spring, and at the State Games held at the University of Rhode Island, traditionally on the first weekend after Memorial Day. We appreciate our coaches and staff efforts in facilitating this anticipated event each year!

“Let me win. But if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

For more information about Rhode Island Special Olympics please go to:

Program Highlights

  • Field Day – A day of fun and activities that included a magic show provided by Chris Toomey, karaoke, crafts, and a sing-a-long lead by musician Ron Bianco. All made possible through a generous donation from a Cove Center family!