Family Preservation Program (FPP)


• FPP is a home-based family preservation program servicing children and adolescents with autism and developmental disabilities. The goal is to prevent out-of-home placement or post-reunification services after foster care or residential care.
• FPP provides the parent-caregiver the education, skill building, clinical assessment and applied behavior analytic therapy to strengthen the family system.
• Clients served range in age from birth to 21 years old.
• Upon referral, initial contact with the family is made within two (2) business days.
• FPP is designed to be short-term – approximately four to six months. Hours spent on the case by the Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, and Behavior Specialist are based on the needs of the family.
• FPP’s treatment model is a component of the Groden Center’s continuum of services that is based on empirically-validated options and represents best-practice in the treatment of severe behavior challenges.
• FPP provides case management and respite services.
• Clinical services include assessment, individualized treatment planning and implementation, parent/family training and support, crisis management, coordination of care, and discharge planning.
• On call available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Geographic area: Statewide
• Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Best fit criteria

• Individuals with autism and developmental disabilities with behavior challenges.
• Provide supports to families at home and in the community.
• Used to prevent out-of-home placement or assist in reunification.
• Requires that parents/caregivers be active participants in the assessment of needs, development of an intervention plan, and implementation of strategies.

Exclusionary Criteria

• Lack of permanent caregiver
• Actively suicidal, homicidal or psychotic
• Emergency management referrals in lieu of psychiatric hospitalization
• Client and/or family who refuse to participate in FPP treatment

For more information, please contact Bruce Ruby, Program Director, at (401) 274-6310, ext. 1258.