Home Therapeutic Services

Mission Statement

The Groden Center Home Therapeutic Services (HTS) Department supports children and youth with developmental disabilities by partnering with families to provide effective therapeutic services and learning opportunities which promote greater independence in home and community settings. The HTS Department provides home, community and clinic based services to individuals with ASD and other developmental delays.


Our Philosophy

Our programs are founded on the philosophy that there are significant benefits to children and youth when their families are active participants in their educational and therapeutic programs.

ABA/ABA Clinic Programs

The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)/Children’s Intensive Treatment (CIT) Program prepares young children behaviorally and academically for placement in the least restrictive school setting possible.  The therapeutic services provided through our ABA/ABA clinic programs include:  

  • One-to-one behavioral programming with a focus on skill acquisition
  • Up to 30 hours of one to one structured learning weekly
  • Parent training
  • Yearly standardized assessments
  • Progress reports two times per year
  • Individualized Treatment Plans address behavior management, basic academics, play, language and communication, daily living skills, socialization, and parent education.

Serves children starting at 18 months of age who have:  

  • Medical/Behavioral Health needs covered through Medicaid or are covered by commercial insurance that provides the Enhanced Autism Benefit. 
  • ABA services prescribed as “medically necessary.”
  •  A diagnosis of Autism or other qualifying Developmental Disability. 


In-Home Support & Training Program (HBTS/IST)

Helps families develop practical behavioral strategies that are effective with their children who may be
challenged by serious behavioral concerns. To accomplish this, HBTS/IST:

  • Provides support in behavior management and skill development.
  • Offers 10 to 25 hours of one to one structured teaching.
  • Develops a Treatment Plan that includes a behavior management, communication, daily living
    skills, socialization, and parent education.

Serves children up to 21 years old who have:

  • Medical/Behavioral health needs covered through Medicaid.
  • Meet level of care for “medically necessary.”
  • A diagnosis of Autism or other qualifying Developmental Disability.

Personal Assistant Supports and Services (PASS)

PASS is for parents who are ready to direct the development of their child’s service plan and to supervise its implementation. Objectives in PASS plans focus on three primary domains: personal care needs, safety, and socialization. PASS assists families in the supervisory role they assume in this consumer-directed program. Key PASS components are:

  • Families identify the goals and objectives for the service plan and the related activities with the Families identify the goals and objectives for the service plan and the related activities with the help of a licensed clinician .
  • Families are required to recommend direct service worker.
  • Families are required to meet with a licensed clinician on a on-going basis.
  • Children can receive up to 20 hours weekly of direct support.
  • Typically community based although activities may take place at home.
  • Serves children from 3 to 21 with a diagnosed developmental disability.
    • Children 3 – 6 years of age require funding permission.

Locations and Services

  • Intakes for potential ABA/HBTS and PASS families are available at all locations.
  • ABA Clinics are available at:
    • 610 Manton Ave, Providence, RI
    • 203 Concord Street,  Pawtucket, RI            
    • 73 Branch Pike, Smithfield, RI
  • Life Skills/HBTS Clinics are offered at the Smithfield location. 



Referral and Intake Process

  • ABA referrals for children that are covered by Medicaid/Katie Beckett must originate through the
    Executive Office of Health & Human Services (EOHHS).
  • Children who are covered by commercial insurance with the Enhanced Autism Benefit do not need to
    be referred by an outside agency. Parents & guardians must contact HTS at The Groden Center
    directly. (Commercial insurance does not cover HBTS or PASS.)
  • Families covered by commercial insurance must have Katie Beckett in order to have access to
    HBTS and/or PASS.
  • All HBTS referrals must originate through EOHHS and must be covered by Medicaid/Katie Beckett.
  • Families with Medicaid/Katie Beckett coverage can self refer if they believe their child is appropriate
    for PASS.
  • A telephone interview will be conducted between a member of our staff and the family to determine if
    the services offered will meet the family and child’s needs. Once it is determined that the program is
    appropriate, the Clinical Team will meet with the family to identify appropriate goals for the Treatment
    Plan. HTS prepares the Treatment Plan and submits it with supporting documentation to the funding
    agency for approval. Once approved, and staff are identified, services will begin.

To learn more about Home Based Therapeutic Services, contact: Jessica Boettger at 401-274-6310 ext. 1272 or jboettger@grodendenter.org.