Parent and Family Empowerment Program (PFEP)


• PFEP is an evidence-based treatment program for families of children with autism and other developmental and behavioral challenges
• PFEP includes an array of services including parent group training, parent-child interaction therapy and family therapy in both clinic and home/community settings
• PFEP is a two-tiered, with a specialized program for parents with intellectual disabilities (tier two)
• The program serves families of children ages 3 to 21 years
• Upon referral, initial contact with the family is made within two business days
• Course of treatment is assessment driven and individualized to meet the needs of the family
• Tier one parent groups meet once per week for 12 weeks
• Tier two parent groups meet twice weekly for 12 weeks
• Tier one families receive clinic and/or home based family based treatment once/week for the duration needed
• Tier two families receive home based family treatment two to three times/week for 2 hour sessions for the duration needed
• Case management is provided to help families access community resources
• Crisis management is provided with on-call system 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
• Geographic area: statewide

Best fit criteria

• Parents with or without intellectual disabilities with children with autism, developmental disabilities and/or challenging behaviors (tantrums, aggression, oppositional)
• Parents in need of parenting and behavior management strategies

Exclusionary Criteria

• Parents with severe psychiatric diagnoses (psychosis, schizophrenia)
• Children or parents with active suicidal, homicidal ideation or psychotic symptoms

For more information, please contact Kelley Pistacchio, Ph.D., Clinical Director, at (401) 274-6310, ext. 1250 or