Reaching Out in Thanks to Our Veterans – Groden Gives Back

The younger students at the Groden Center in classroom 1C have been learning about our country and those who keep us safe and fight for our freedom.  The students wanted to send a special thanks to those who have served our country.  For Veterans Day, the students created cards that were mailed to the VA Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and for Thanksgiving students visited the hospital.  The Veterans were presented with a poster the students had made with outlines of the student’s hands “applauding” all the service to our country.  More recently for the holidays, a poster of the “Soldiers’ Prayer” was created and presented to the Veterans at the hospital.  Reaching out to the community is part of the “Groden Gives Back” initiative, which promotes positive community relationships and engagement.


Article submitted by Cooper Woodard, Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Services and Training, & Robin Ringer, M.Ed., Day Program Director/Family Services Director 

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