The Groden Network Parents & Friends Association

The Groden Network Parents & Friends Association, commonly known as the “PFA”, is an organization comprised of family members of individuals participating in the Groden Center and Cove programs, as well as Center staff who support the mission of the group.  The group meets monthly to focus on providing support and information in a social atmosphere. The PFA is also actively involved in fundraising efforts, with the proceeds directly allocated to enhancing the materials and programs available for client use as well as funds allocated for family support.  The January 2017 meeting exceeded all expectations, with a record of 15 parents present. It truly touched on every purpose of the Parents and Friends Association – education, parent support, advocacy and fundraising!   Watching the parents exchange phone numbers, and support each other as they emotionally shared concerns truly exemplifies the importance of parent engagement and the work done by our Family Services department.

Article submitted by Robin Ringer, M.Ed., Day Program Director/Family Services Director 



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