Internships and Practicum

The Groden Network offers several training opportunities for bachelors, masters, and doctoral level interns and practicum students.  As a trainee of the Groden Network, you will join a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who are dedicated to supporting clients in leading productive, dignified, and satisfying lives.


Individuals seeking an internship or practicum placement may apply to work within one or more of the following Groden Network programs.

The Groden Center

  • Day Treatment Program and School for school-age individuals with autism and developmental disabilities
  • Residential Program for adolescents with autism and developmental disabilities
  • RITE Program: Residential Intensive Treatment and Evaluation for children and adolescents with a developmental disability or a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and psychiatric disorder
  • EIP: Early Intervention Program for infants and toddlers with special needs
  • PFLA: Professional Family Living Arrangement: treatment foster care for children and adolescents
  • CSS: Community Support Services: outpatient services, social skills groups, home based treatment, school/agency consultation, individualized career counseling, and psychological evaluations
  • HTS: Home Therapeutic Services
    • ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis: behavioral program for children emphasizing skill acquisition, providing up to 40 hours per week intensive one to one structured teaching
    • HBTS: Home Based Treatment Services: program for individuals up to age 21 providing functional living skills and 10-25 hours of in-home structured teaching
    • PASS: Personal Assistant Supports and Services: community and home based program for individuals up to age 21 whose parents are able to direct and supervise their child’s service plan to address personal care, safety and socialization

The Cove Center

(for adults with autism and developmental disabilities in Rhode Island)


  • Day Services
  • Residential Program