Programs for Adults

The Cove Center

  • Since 1985 The Cove Center has served adults in Rhode Island. We over a range of instructional and residential programs that emphasize an individual’s role in making choices and controlling their own lives. (LINK TO Cove page.
  • The Halcyon Center was founded in 1983 to support adults over 22 in Massachusetts. We encourage self-control training, life skill building, encourage the accomplishment of achieving personal goals to build self-confidence via day and residential programs. (link to Halcyon page)

The Halcyon Center

The Halcyon is a legendary bird most often represented by the kingfisher, a fearless diving bird that had a calming effect on the turbulent seas. Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts uses the kingfisher as a reminder of its commitment to providing a peaceful learning environment for all the people we serve.

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