Mission Statement

The Groden Center Respite Program is dedicated to providing families with planned relief from the ongoing care of their child with special needs, to assist in crisis prevention and reduction of family stress, and, and thus supporting families' ability to continue caring for their children at home.

About Respite

The Groden Center provides trained respite personnel for families of children with autism or other behavioral disabilities, so that the family may have relief from providing constant care. Such respite care provides parents and families the opportunity to meet planned situations, or take a well-deserved break. It may also prevent stressful situations from becoming crises. The services are provided on either a temporary basis, or as part of a regular schedule, depending on the family's needs. The respite care providers are carefully screened and trained before providing services.

A referral for Respite Services in Rhode Island can be made by EOHHS, DCYF, or by self-referral. If you are interested in working as a Respite Provider please contact Dana Hajj at 401-615-2600 ext. 1520. We invite families to visit to identify a worker or place an ad for a worker.

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Parent Testimonials

  • "Thank you so much for this service, I had not been out with my husband for over 10 years on a simple date night as we could not leave our son with just anyone. It had to be someone who understood autism and their special way"
  • "Thank you for being so efficient and understanding to my need."
  •  "Thank you, I appreciate your dedication in getting me through this, what seemed to be an impossible journey. I appreciate it! I truly do!"