RITE (Residential Intensive Treatment & Evaluation) Program

Mission Statement

The RITE Program is a component of the continuum of services provided by THE GRODEN NETWORK. This program is designed to serve the special needs of persons with a developmental disability or a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and psychiatric disorder.

The RITE Program provides an option to inpatient hospitalization or a step-down from hospitalization to the home setting. The program offers a blended behavioral, psychological and psychiatric evaluation and treatment approach to maximize the potential for stabilization and continued progress.

The RITE (Residential Intensive Treatment & Evaluation) Program - Ages 6 - 21, Rhode Island

Referral Process

Referrals typically come from hospitals or other similar agencies, but can also come from families or professionals working with families.

  • Referrals are made directly to our clinician, triaged by the consulting psychologist and psychiatrist
    • RITE clinicians can help with this process.
    • RITE clinicians can also work with families and agencies to get authorizations if the person is not coming from a higher level of care. In that situation, the referring source ould call for authorization.
  • Depending on the purpose of referral and the status of the program, clients may be admitted within 24 hours
  • The admitting clinician will familiarize the referring family with our program, and determine how the RITE Program might best serve the client’s needs

Program Highlights

  • Hospital diversion or step-down clients with a developmental disability or a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and psychiatric disorder
  • Ages 6-21 years
  • Operates 365 days per year, 24-hours per day
  • Staff-secured
  • Empirically-validated treatment model, blending behavioral, psychological, and psychiatric perspectives to maximize stabilization and progress
  • Tailored intervention based on comprehensive assessments
  • Specialized programming and training in relaxation, self-management, and stress-reduction
  • On-site special education services
  • Staffed by licensed clinicians and 1:1 staff to client ratio
  • Regular consultative services of psychiatry and Ph.D level psychologist
  • 24-hour on-call nursing
  • Training and support services for families to prepare for successful return to home setting
  • Connections to community supports for follow-up services and successful community integration
  • Support services (Speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy) as indicated
  • Transitional services for persons turning 21 and his or her family

Program Staff

Our team includes licensed clinicians, including social workers, clinical psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists. Other members of our team include behavior specialists, special educators, and specialists in speech and language, occupational therapy and vocational education. Our staff collaborates to integrate educational and therapeutic goals and actvities.