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As a Not-For-Profit 503(c) 3 organizations, your donations to Groden Center, Inc., Cove Center, Inc., and Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts (Halcyon Center) are fully tax deductable. We are flexible on accepting restricted or unrestricted gifts. Donations help the Groden Network maintain a high caliber of service. There are many ways that one can help the Groden Network, all of which fill important needs in our organization.

Our sincere appreciation to everyone whose continued support enables us to fulfill our mission. Donations can be mailed to us at: The Groden Network Development Office, 610 Manton Avenue, Providence, RI 02909.


For information concerning setting up an endowment for The Groden Network, please contact us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Time is a valuable contribution, interns/volunteers can help in a wide range of capacities. If you are interested in hands on volunteer opportunities for yourself and/or organization please contact Catherine Nassa at

If you are a student looking for an Internship please click here

Thank you!

Annual Fund

THE GRODEN NETWORK reaches out to our family and friends and asks for their financial support.

Your gift to the Annual Appeal Campaign strengthens our programs, helps support our research and treatments, and enhances the lives of the children, adolescents, and adults we serve. Although our government funding partners provide basic costs for some of our programs and services, we are being asked to do more with less. It is generous gifts from people like you that allow us to us to offer the "extras" that improve the daily life experiences of the people we serve.

It's easy to make a donation! Just complete the information below in order to give securely online.

Gift Amount
In Honor/Memory of:
How Would You Like Your Name To Appear In Our Annual Appeal?


Honor & Memorial Donations

Honors / Memorials/ Commemorative gifts are great ways to honor or memorialize special individuals in your life. When you contribute "in memory of” and/or "in honor of" someone, we will send a card to the person or family acknowledging your contribution. (The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.)

In addition, we will send you a card verifying that we have received your contribution and sent along a note to the person or family that you recognized. Please be sure to keep your acknowledgment for tax purposes. For more information, please contact our development staff.

In honor/memory of:

Event Sponsorship

For information about our Sponsorship Opportunities please contact

Marketing & Development
Catherine Nassa 
Director of Marketing & Development
401-274-6310 ext. 1230


Giving a Gift of Stocks and Bonds is Easy

The Process

Before you contribute securities, please contact us with the name of the stock and the amount of shares you wish to donate. You or your advisor will be provided with all the information necessary to transfer the stock.


By donating stock, your donation will fund the important work we do at The Groden Network. You will also avoid paying capital gains taxes and receive a tax deduction for the value of the stock on the date it was transferred.

You may use appreciated securities to fund other types of gifts such as charitable gift annuities and trusts. Some of these gifts will provide you with income and a tax deduction as well as give you the opportunity to avoid capital gains taxes.

Planned Gift

Planned gifts are an easy way to provide for your heirs and still contribute to a charity that you care about. Each type of planned gift offers different benefits to the donor, the charity and in some cases, their heirs.

Planned gifts to The Groden Network are about planning for the future—your future and the future of the lives you'll change—and even save—with your gift. There are many easy giving options from which you can choose from naming The Groden Network as a beneficiary in your will to a life-income arrangement.

We've created this estate planning section of the Web site to provide you with information about the various types of planned gifts and their benefits. We recommend you consult your financial advisor to discuss which option is best for you.

If you have you already included The Groden Network in your estate plans please let us know.

Creative Ways To Give

There are many unique ways for you to give to The Groden Network and to encourage your friends and family to support our organization.
Here are a few ideas:

Throw Yourself A Party!

Instead of gifts, ask your guests to make a contribution to The Groden Network in honor of your birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion. This will let your friends and family know that you support The Groden Network and give them an opportunity to form a relationship with our organization. In appreciation of their support, your guests will be acknowledged in our quarterly newsletter. We can provide you with donation envelopes or you can simply give them our Web site address to donate online. If you are interested in supporting The Groden Network on a special occasion contact us.  Please contact for more information.

Dress Down Days!

More and more companies and organizations are offering their employees the opportunity to participate in "Dress Down Days"—a day set aside for employees to wear jeans or casual attire in exchange for making a donation to a designated non-profit organization. If your company offers "Dress Down Days" (or you would like to suggest that they do) and you want to designate The Groden Network as the non-profit organization that receives the donation contact us. In addition to helping us fund important programs and services, you will be creating awareness in the community about The Groden Network. Please contact for more information.

Host A House Party!

Help us create awareness about The Groden Network and the work we do by hosting a house party, an informal way of introducing The Groden Network to your friends and families. No one is obligated to donate; this is simply an opportunity for us to increase awareness of The Groden Network and widen our circle of friends.


Interns are needed in a wide range of capacities, including:

  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Classroom Aides
  • Data Entry
  • Fund Raising
  • Grant Research
  • Greenhouse Aides
  • Special Olympic Aides
  • Recreation Aides

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Types of Gifts


Your cash gift to The Groden Network will maximize your charitable deduction and immediately benefit our clients.


Your gift of appreciated securities can save you from paying capital gains and have a significant impact on The Groden Network‘s programs and services and the people we serve.

Your gift of appreciated securities can save you from paying capital gains and have a significant impact on The Groden Network's programs and services and the people we serve.

Donor Advised Fund

This is a popular and easy way to manage your charitable giving and an excellent alternative to establishing your own foundation.

Gifts That Will Help In The Future


Naming The Groden Network in your will is an easy way to support The Groden Network without affecting your current income.

Retirement Assets

You can make a significant gift to The Groden Network by naming The Groden Network as beneficiary of your retirement assets.

Life Insurance

This method of giving will allow you to give a significant gift to The Groden Network without affecting your capital assets.

Gifts That Provide Income To You

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts

A charitable remainder unitrust offers you flexibility to change the amount of income you receive, make additional gifts to the trust and change how the trust is invested.

Real Estate Gifts

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (‘Flip-CRUT”)

A charitable remainder unitrust offers you flexibility to change the amount of income you receive, make additional gifts to the trust and change how the trust is invested.

Gift of Real Estate

A gift of real estate, such as a home, vacation or business property, to The Groden Network can reduce your capital gains taxes while supporting The Groden Network services and programs.

Retained Life Estate

You may donate your home to The Groden Network, and continue to live in it during your lifetime.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Lead Trust

When you transfer assets to The Groden Network through a charitable lead trust, income payments are made to The Providence Center for a designated number of years.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

When you transfer assets to The Groden Network through a charitable remainder annuity trust, The Groden Network receives fixed income. If you use appreciated assets you will reduce capital gains.

Other Giving Opportunities

Gifts of Cash

Cash is the easiest way to give a gift. Each year we conduct an Annual Appeal to benefit our clients. All of our contributed dollars are kept in a separate bank account and are spent in direct service. None of our contributed monies are spent on agency overhead or administration. We will send you a letter acknowledging your gift that you may use for IRS purposes. You can deduct a cash gift for income-tax purposes only in the year that you make the contribution.

While we prefer a direct contribution, we can receive United Way gifts if you designate the "Groden Center, Inc." or 'Cove Center, Inc." during your workplace campaign pledge. Make sure to write in the full name of our organization. Or, if you have established a Philanthropy Fund at the United Way, you can arrange for a distribution to us.

The Groden Center and the Cove Center has a strong tradition of helping people in the community who are less fortunate. While there are many worthy organizations in need of your support, we ask you to consider making a gift to The Groden Center or The Cove Center.

Your donation makes a big difference in the lives of our clients. By donating to The Groden Center or Cove Center, you help in our efforts to serve people Autism and developmental disabilities in need services and treatments.

Write in the name and address of The Groden Center (86 Mt Hope Avenue, Providence, RI 02906) or the Cove Center (610 Manton Avenue, Providence, RI 02909) in the fourth box on your United Way form.

If you're interested in making a gift to the United Way or if your company would like to run an employee campaign, please call our Director of Marketing & Development for more information. We thank you for your consideration.


Gifts of personal or business property are a great way to support our organization. In-kind gifts range from clothing, toys and computers to medical equipment, supplies, food or software. It is your responsibility to place a value on the gift for a tax deduction. For more information, please contact our development staff.


Thank You for your donation....

Contributions to a Groden Network program can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. Community assistance helps retain our highly qualified and experienced staff, provides capital for expenses such as upgrading worn facilities and equipment, purchasing a van to transport clients and equipment to job sites or cover unexpected client needs.

Please, consider a gift that will support our mission making life better for people with autism and developmental disabilities. THANK YOU!