Compassionate Care and Solutions

Delivering Vital Services for individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities for Over 40 Years

Founded in 1976 as The Groden Center, The Groden Network has its roots in providing support for children and youth on the autism spectrum. Over time, we’ve expanded to offer support to individuals of all ages through three distinct corporations. Today we offer support across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The Groden Center

The Groden Center is designed for children and teens and provides a complete range of support services. These include early intervention, treatment foster care, residential, and community/home-based services, and our renowned day school.

The Cove Center

Designed for adults 21 and over in Rhode Island, The Cove Center provides habilitative and residential programs with a focus on developing crucial life skills. We work with patients to build vocational skills, and partner with community organizations like the Providence Parks Department to ensure our clients gain valuable experience operating The Groden Greenhouse.

The Halcyon Center

Founded in 1983, The Halcyon Center focuses on serving adults 22 and older. It provides a full range of services for clients on the autism spectrum, as well as those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including dual diagnosis disorders. The center focuses on independence, productivity, and integration through a person-centered approach.

Our Mission

“The Groden Network’s mission is to provide caring, person-centered, comprehensive continuum of supports across the lifespan for individuals with autism, other neuro-developmental disorders, and associated behavioral and life challenges, to lead productive, dignified, and satisfying lives. This is achieved through professional expertise; research; technology; education and training; involving and supporting clients and families; and implementing effective and innovative strategies and techniques.”