Designed especially for individuals over the age of 21 who require assisted living and other alternative living arrangements, our Residential Program delivers compassionate, supervised care. Our supported living program allows individuals to enjoy a degree of independence while living within fully-staffed apartments or group homes. We also offer Shared Living Arrangements (SLA) and independent community living with intermittent supervision for those with greater autonomy.

We love when family members are involved in their loved ones’ lives and encourage them to become part of our thriving community. We offer special events, planned visits, and even overnight stays.

Our Services

Our Residential Program delivers a range of critical services to help your loved one build confidence and become more independent, including:

Our Referral Process

State agencies, including the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals, can make referrals directly to The Cove Center by contacting Brian Holt at Families, advocates, and referring agents are always welcome to visit our facilities to learn more.

After we’ve received the individuals current records, the referred individual, their family, and the funding agent will visit for an in-depth interview. Next, we determine how, if, and when our program can fit the individual’s needs and then notify the referring agent and the family.

Our Professional Team

Our team is diverse and made up of compassionate, dedicated individuals. It includes behavioral specialists and vocational education staff. Cove Center will work with an individual’s psychologist, speech and language specialist, PT or OT therapist.