Helping Children, Youth, and Adults Thrive

At the Groden Network, we’re committed to delivering compassionate, accurate treatment to help children, youth, and adults live happy independent lives. Outpatient services provides critical care for individuals and the support that family members need. Our team includes experienced specialists in psychology, social work, and other related professions. All services are customized to meet individual needs.

Outpatient Therapeutic Programs

Individual Therapy

Groden outpatient clinicians specialize in several evidence-based practices to provide quality treatment to all clients. Groden clinicians are well equipped to help children, adolescents and adults with various challenges.

Challenges include:

Family Therapy and Parent Training

Groden outpatient believes that some challenges are best treated when family work or parent training can occur. Psychoeducation about behavioral strategies, processing grief/ shared trauma, or improving overall family interactions and communication are some examples of how Groden can help the larger family system!

Group Therapy

Groden offers exciting and cutting-edge telehealth and in-person groups that provide services to children, adolescents and adults. Social skill groups, coping skill groups, and more process-oriented groups are provided.

Examples of groups offered at Groden include:

Our Referral Process

Referrals for services can be made via the online referral form or a phone call. Referrals can be made by self, parent/guardian/caregiver, or other professionals (MDs, psychologists, social workers, etc.). After the referral has been submitted, you will receive an email within 5-business days that your referral has been received. The status of your referral (waitlist, assigned to clinician, completing of documents) will be communicated to you by phone or email. Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

Please note that our waitlist for Individual and Family Therapy is currently closed. However, the waitlist for Group Therapy is currently open.

Contact Outpatient Services at PH: 401-274-6310 x1242 / FAX: 401-421-1977or EMAIL: