We’re committed to transparency, accountability, and communication. The individuals we serve thrive because of that promise, and our leaders are dedicated to maintaining it. Our "open door" policy ensures we’re always available to answer questions about our services or facilities, provide guidance for family members, and be a shoulder to lean on in times of need.


Michael Pearis, M.B.A.

Chief Executive Officer

401.274.6310 x1211


Grace Toe, B.S.

Chief Financial Officer

401.274.6310 x1223

Cooper Woodard, Ph. D.

Chief Clinical Officer

Jessica Boettger, B.S.

Director of Business Operations


Lynne Brown, B.S.

Director, Human Resources

401.274.6310 x1222

Patricia Fiske, B.S.N., R.N., C.D.D.N.

Cove Center Program Director, Director of Nursing

401-751-0459 X1424

Derek Gibson, A.S.

Director of Facilities

Renee Hanley, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Director, Community and Home Therapeutic Services


Susan Izeman, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA

Program Director, Groden Center

401.274.6310 x1011

Ayelet Kantor, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N.

Director of Quality Assurance & Strategic Planning, Compliance Officer, and Risk Management

401-274-6310 ext. 1263

Carol LaFrance, M.Ed.

Special Education Director & Clinical Director, Early Intervention Program


Catherine Nassa, M.B.A.

Director, Marketing & Development

401.274.6310 x1230

Nicole Perry, M.Ed.

Director of Operations and Administration, Groden Center

401.274.6310 x1517

Bruce Ruby, M.S.

Director, Treatment Foster Care / Family Preservation

401.274.6310 x1259

Patricia Samuels, M.A.

Program Director, Behavioral Associates of Massachusetts (Halcyon)

508.409.0250 x1602

Zachary Shindorf, Ph. D.

Clinical Director, Outpatient Services

401.274.6310 x1250

Stephanie Trabucco, M.S.

Residential Director, Groden

401.274.6310 x1056