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Parental Well Being Study Flyer

This study has been approved by Rowan University's IRB (Study #PRO-2023-5)

Time Commitment: A maximum of 9 weeks. It will include an intake interview, 1-6 virtual group sessions, and 2 sessions of individual parent training.

Location: All study components will take place virtually.

Purpose: To examine whether virtual parent groups are something parents are willing to participate in.

Cost: There is no cost to you to participate. You will be able to access materials and groups free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact the co-investigator, Abigail Moretti, at

Parent Flyer URI ASD Study 2023 R1

• Be a parent of a person with ASD
• Speak only English
• Be in good general health
• Have no history of neurological illness

• Complete EEG task where you will wear a sponge cap that records brain activity
• Complete language tests
• Attend 1-2 visits at URI
• Dates and times are flexible
• Receive $50 for participating

FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Dr. Vanessa Harwood or Dr. Alisa Baron
Call: 401-874-5969

This research has been approved by the University of Rhode Island Institutional Review Board In collaboration with Haskins Laboratories, Yale School of Medicine