At the Groden Network, we believe that education is vital to building confidence, independence, and self-esteem. The Groden Day School, located on the East Side of Providence, offers a broad range of individualized services in a traditional, unrestrictive setting to empower young learners. We believe in fostering consistent, coordinated teaching strategies across all disciplines and environments.

Our Administrative campus on Manton Avenue features two classrooms for older students who are ready to transition to a career readiness and community engagement program to help them lead more empowered, confident, independent lives. Our transition program is primarily designed for older students, and we typically see students between the ages of 18 and 22. To learn more about our transition services click here.

In addition to a 12-month day program, The Groden School offers residential programs for families who need that option.

Our philosophy is simple: we emphasize stress reduction through strong relationships with staff to maximize learning and positive coping, along with active engagement with families. Our educational model focuses on behavioral and positive psychology approaches, with practices including ABA techniques, positive behavior supports, and improving well-being through education on kindness, resiliency, optimism, and other areas.

We place special emphasis on relaxation techniques and implementing cognitive picture rehearsal, which was created by Dr. June Groden during the earliest years of the Groden Center. Both methods give young learners with disabilities the tools required to deal with difficult situations. We also offer transition classes based out of our Manton Avenue location for students transitioning into adult services.

Our staff members are committed to compassionate, quality education and creating a supportive, safe environment. Their goal is to enable our students to build functional, communication, physical, vocational, and life skills, as well as a greater awareness of the world around them.

The Groden School Team Includes:

For over 40 years, families have been at the core of what we do. Our family services team ensures caregivers have the latest information and strategies to support classroom learning.

Our Services

The Groden Center day and Residential Programs deliver essential educational services for students delivered through personalized learning plans to reduce restrictions and enhance freedom. We deliver instruction in the following areas:

Note that our vocational education, career readiness, and community engagement programs dovetail with several other programs, including the Groden Greenhouse, the Cove Artist Collective, and Window Warriors.

Our Funding Model

All children are guaranteed a free, appropriate public education. When it is determined that a local school district is unable to provide appropriate education, the school district will provide funding for the student to enroll in a non-public school. These funds may be a combination of state-level funding from the RI Department of Education and local tax receipts.

As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit we supplement these public funds with a robust fundraising campaign. For more information on how you can support our efforts, click here.

Our Referral Process

Local school departments, state agencies, and other responsible providers can make referrals directly to the program by contacting the admissions office. Families, advocates, and funding agencies are welcome to visit the center to tour the program. When we receive all the individual’s current records, the funding agent, family, and child/youth will visit us for an interview and screening to determine program needs. Following this review process, we will determine how and when we can best serve the individual, notifying the funding agent and family.

The following diagnostic criteria are a guide for referring individuals to the program:

Need a Referral?

Our clinical team reviews referrals weekly and each potential student is screened at their home and/or school. We always consider whether the Groden School would be the most suitable placement in terms of meeting the needs of the student. Families of suitable candidates are invited to tour our facilities, learn more about the program and meet the staff.

For more information contact our Admissions Coordinator, Peggy Stocker at 401-274-6310 x 1125 or