Preparing Children for the Future

The Transition Services Department provides support and consultation for all students of transition-age through their exit to adult services. We’re also proud to offer critical support with all transition components of IEP development such as assessment, skill development targets, family input, the inclusion of post-school goals, curricula and programming, and preparation of other mandated transition documents.

The Transition Services Department is a primary liaison to other stakeholders and support services throughout the transition process. This begins with ensuring that the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS), are included as part of student IEP meetings. Department staff also help families address other critical transition-related concerns such as guardianship, Social Security benefits, applying to DDD for adult services eligibility, and moving from a pediatric to adult healthcare system.

During the final years of school services, the department, along with the student, family members, and the educational team, work together to move through the final process of identifying and accessing a post-school plan. This includes participation in needs assessment/determination of funding, working with DDD to identify an adult service provider, and, once a provider is identified, working with the designated agency to support a successful student transition.

The department can also support the transition needs of out-of-state students in conjunction with the referring district and designated state agencies.

Further Information

Interested in learning more about our transition services? Get in touch with Demi Caris, Program Associate Director, by calling 401-274-6310 x 1050 or emailing