Created in 1985, The Cove Center serves adults in Rhode Island through individualized, communication-based, employment and residential supports. Our focus on person-centered support empowers individuals to make choices and live their best lives.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering person-centered support, building meaningful networks and connections, and innovation that transforms lives. At Cove, we lay the foundation necessary to support growth through experiential opportunities without borders or walls.

Our Programs

Day Program – Our Day Program is based on choice and person-centered planning. It responds to the needs of individuals with behavioral and emotional challenges. We offer vocational, social, and communicational skill building that allows the individuals we serve to become independent and productive members of the community.

Residential– Our Residential options are designed to care for adults. The Cove Center creates a caring, nurturing environment while teaching the skills necessary for individuals to become independent and confident in the community.

Employment Services Program – We designed our Employment Services Program to help individuals who are seeking employment within the community. Our program teaches the skills necessary for individuals to secure rewarding and meaningful employment in a range of fields.

Stepping Out Program – Our Stepping Out Program focuses on providing social, educational, and cultural activities for adults. It is an important part of empowering individuals to live independent, rewarding lives.

Cove Enterprises – Cove Enterprises allows individuals to obtain vocational training and build the skills necessary for confidence and self-esteem, while also generating revenue for the wider organization.

Who Is a Good Fit for The Cove Center?

At The Cove Center, we deliver compassionate care, education, and skill-building for individuals with developmental disabilities, those on the autism spectrum, as well as those with intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, emotional disturbances, communication/learning disabilities, and dual-diagnosed cognitive and mental health disorders.