Supporting the Groden Network allows us to provide care, education, and development for children, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum and those with behavioral and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to help our clients live independent, fulfilled, satisfying lives while providing compassionate care, education, and companionship. Your monetary contribution will help ensure we can deliver the highest caliber of care to our clients.

The Groden Center, Inc., Cove Center, Inc., and Halcyon Center are designed 501(c)3 organizations by the IRS, so all cash donations are fully tax-deductible in most cases. We’re also flexible in accepting restricted and unrestricted gifts.

Our C.E.O. Michael Pearis is always available to discuss how you or your organization can support our work.

Interested in donating to the Groden Network? You can donate online or by mail.

Donate Securely Online

You can mail your donations to:

The Groden Network Office
610 Manton Avenue
Providence, RI 02909

Explore ways you can give.

Want to make a contribution that will continue benefiting the Network and our clients for years to come? An endowment of money or real property that will generate investment income for the Groden Network. You can even specify how the resulting income can be used if you prefer, such as designating it for ongoing technology upgrades or toward a specific program.

Interested in endowing the Groden Network? Reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing

While our government funding partners continue to provide basic costs for some of our programs and services, the need far outstrips the funding, and the Groden Network is continually faced with the prospect of doing more with less.

To ensure that we can uphold our mission of delivering compassionate care and treatment to our clients, we sometimes reach out to our community for momentary support. Your monetary gift strengthens our programs, supports our research and treatments, and enhances the lives of the children, adolescents, and adults we serve.

Generous gifts from donors like you allow us to improve the daily lives of those we serve.

Donating is easy! Click here to donate online through our secure portal. You can also send a check payable to the Groden Network to the following address:

610 Manton Avenue
Providence, RI 02909

We’re also happy to process credit card donations over the phone. Call 401-274-6310 x 1230.

Donating stocks offers a way to fund the important work of the Groden Network while also mitigating your tax liabilities (capital gains taxes). All stock donations receive a tax deduction for the value of the stock on the date it was transferred, as well.

Before donating any securities, please reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing with the name of the stock and the number of shares you wish to donate. We will provide you (or your designated financial advisor) with all the information necessary to make the transfer.

Time is perhaps the most valuable donation of all. We are incredibly grateful for the interns and volunteers who donate their time and passion to helping us achieve our mission. If you are interested in hands-on volunteer opportunities for yourself or your organization, reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing

A donation to The Groden Network could be the perfect way to honor or memorialize important individuals in your life. When you make a contribution in memory of or in honor of someone, we send a card to the person or their family acknowledging the contribution. You can also direct how the funds are used. For more information or to set up a gift fund, reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing

Planned giving helps you prepare for your future and the future of those whose lives you’ll change with your contribution. It also allows you to provide for your heirs while supporting the important work undertaken by the Groden Network.

You have many options when it comes to planned giving, ranging from naming the Groden Network as a beneficiary in your will to making a life-income arrangement. Each option offers different benefits to the donor, the Groden Network, and the heirs.

We work with the RI Foundation to make planned giving simple and easy. For more information, or if you have already included the Groden Network in your estate plans, reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing

Giving doesn’t have to be a formal thing. It can be fun, creative, and impromptu. We’ve listed just a few ways that you can give and have fun at the same time.

  • Birthdays – Ask your family and friends to make a contribution to the Groden Network instead of buying you a birthday gift this year.
  • Other Celebrations – From weddings to anniversaries, any occasion when gifts are exchanged can be used to ask givers to donate to the Groden Network on your behalf.
  • Groups – From knitting circles to Scout Troops, you can ask that group members contribute with you to the Groden Network.
  • Dress Down Day – Give your employees the opportunity to wear jeans and casual attire to the office in exchange for a donation to support the Groden Network.

We hold fundraising events throughout the year that offer the opportunity to connect your business with our cause. Sponsorship of Groden Network events offers the opportunity to support our important work but also helps build brand recognition and establish your organization’s leadership in the area. We’re also happy to create unique packages to meet your specific requirements. For more information, explore our events page or reach out to our Marketing and Development department by emailing

Thank You for Your Support

It is only through the compassionate donations of people like you that we can continue making a difference in the lives of the children, teens, and adults we serve. With your donation, we can upgrade our facilities and equipment, invest in ongoing training for our staff members, purchase vehicles to transport clients to job sites, and cover unexpected needs. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and our thriving communities.