Steve Porter

Steve is a key part of our Secure Living Arrangement (SLA) Team.

As the manger of one of residences on Providence’s East Side, he is responsible for keeping our residents safe and occupied. This was no easy feat during the Pandemic, but under Steve’s leadership the home made it 364 days without a COVID case. No small feat!

Patricia Fiske, Cove Center Director says of Steve, “Steve is a rock! His dedication to the clients and The Network is second to none. He is a funny man with a great sense of humor and is never short on sarcasm. His relationships with the clients, history with COVE, compassion, respect for others and role modeling is a tribute to his long term mentor, Dr Gerry Groden. I am proud to be on the same team as this exemplary employee. ”

Steve’s “captain log” emails to families prove his sense of humor and show how he keep residents occupied with baking. Take a peak at an example sent to families on Mother’s Day below:

Happy Early Mothers Day Me Hearty Mums,

This is your ships captain with the latest telegram from SS . First the sobering news. Today Governor Raimondo announced 210 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours bringing the total to 10,989. In addition there were 19 deaths reported bringing the total up to 418. It also saddens me to report that several staff have tested positive at 3 of our other houses. In addition 5 residents have tested positive (all in the same house). This serves as a reminder that we need to remain vigilant as we move forward.

With that said the passengers and crew on the SS Angell remain symptom free and safe. We have had 3 movie nights this week. Feature films included Wall-E, Spies in Disguise, and Frozen 2. The captains pick of the week is Spies in Disguise. Very clever film. Tonight was our largest crowd for movie night. 60% of the passengers attended this evening and 100% of them had fun getting Chinese take-out and watching Frozen 2. Several passengers assisted executive Chef J with making pastries for this week. K assisted with making some delicious Rice Crispy Treats that were molded into the shape of Stonehenge. B assisted our executive Chef with making Chocolate Peanut Butter squares which were presented in the form of a Chinese Temple. Executive Chef J also some delicious ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast this week (see pic) as well as an Oreo Cookie Pie for tonight (see pic).

If anyone would like a recipe please send a telegram addressed to our Executive Chef. S was also instrumental in helping Executive Chemist J make some Hand Sanitizer for the house. Our passenger are learning a lot on this cruise. One of our passengers (DS) made a lovely picture for K at Cove. Our ships carrier pigeon dropped it off this week and K was delighted. D was also very helpful with clean up on Movie Night. She wants to keep her skills sharp for when she returns to work.

Well that is all for now. We continue to sail into the warm blue waters and the marine forecast continues to look clear. I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day. I will send another telegram on Tuesday.