The Mission of The Groden Network is to support individuals of all ages with autism, behavioral challenges and other developmental disabilities to lead productive, dignified and satisfying lives.  

We do this by:

  • Providing the most effective educational, therapeutic and habilitative services
  • Advancing knowledge and best practices through research, education and training
  • Supporting and educating families as they care and advocate for their loved ones

Our Programs provide a broad range of innovative services in the least restrictive settings possible.

The Groden Center Internationally known for its research-based programs, helps children learn both academic and social skills that develop self-control and allow them to interact successfully with others.

 The Cove Center serves adults in Rhode Island, offering on-going education, experiences and a supportive staff that emphasizes the individuals’ role in making choices; thereby giving them the greatest control of the direction of their own life.  

 The Halcyon Center provides services to adults in Massachusetts within a caring, supportive and clinically sound environment. The Center teaches meaningful work and self-management skills and offers opportunities to exercise these skills in every situation throughout their daily lives.

 The Asperger’s Center provides assessment, intervention, workshops and consultation to high functioning autistic individuals and those with Asperger’s Syndrome. Services include, individual and family therapy; social skills groups; individualized career counseling as well as school and agency training.