The Groden Network is an innovative leader in the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. Day and residential programs provide a broad range of individualized services in the least restrictive settings possible. Known internationally for its research-based programs, children learn both academic and social skills that develop self-control and help them interact successfully with others. Our knowledge of developmental principles is used to organize learning through a series of stages, keeping goals and teaching strategies flexible for each student and family. Strengths, rather than deficits, are targeted as building blocks for learning.

The Groden Network’s mission is to support children and adults with autism, and other developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges to lead productive, dignified and satisfying lives by:
~ Providing the most effective educational, therapeutic, and other habilitative services;
~ Advancing knowledge and best practices through research, education and training;
~ Involving, educating, and supporting families in caring and advocating for their children.