New Published Research

Using the Listening2Faces App with Three Young Adults with Autism:

A Feasibility Study

Alisa Baron, Vanessa Harwood, Cooper Woodard, Kaitlyn Anderson, Barbara Fernandes, Jessica Sullivan & Julia Irwin



Listening2Faces (L2F) is a therapeutic, application-based training program designed to improve audiovisual speech perception for persons with communication disorders. The purpose of this research was to investigate the feasibility of using the L2F application with young adults with autism and complex communication needs.


Three young adults with autism and complex communication needs completed baseline assessments and participated in training sessions within the L2F application. Behavioral supports, including the use of cognitive picture rehearsal, were used to support engagement with the L2F application. Descriptive statistics were used to provide (1) an overview of the level of participation in L2F application with the use of behavioral supports and (2) general performance on L2F application for each participant.


All three participants completed the initial auditory noise assessment (ANA) as well as 8 or more levels of the L2F application with varying accuracy levels. One participant completed the entire L2F program successfully. Several behavioral supports were used to facilitate participation; however, each individual demonstrated varied levels of engagement with the application.


The L2F application may be a viable intervention tool to support audiovisual speech perception in persons with complex communication needs within a school-based setting. A review of behavioral supports and possible beneficial modifications to the L2F application for persons with complex communication needs are discussed.

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